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3 Pixie waiting series.
1 of 6 + Animated

The 3 Pixies are waiting for the return of some one home.
I wonder what they have planned or what they want from you.

But with a meal like that waiting, you might forget that there Pixies it till its to late!

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Alana [link]
Lainie [link]
Ester [link]


Mother board by Gigabite
3.22MHz Dual core
4GB memory at 1100MHz
2 x GTX 250 1GB in SLI (Nvidia graphics)
Win 7 64bit Ultimat
pro Daz studio 4.5

Hi, My name is Aura Dawn. Am a 3D artist animator, so this critique will be on the 3D animation. This critique is not meant to praise the artist but to help the artist improve. If you do not like the way critiqued your work you can always not accept it. On that premise let's begin.

Although Daz 4.5 is not the medium of choice, have worked with it. First of all you have to know the quality of your animation is amateurish, that of a beginner. Your camera moves so fast that you can't tell any details within the the animation. And from what can make out, that is the only animation in the whole thing. What is frame count? 30 frames, a one second animation. One can't even tell if this is a render or a preview. If it is a render then you wasted precious computer time. Believe what you wanted to do was to show the layout of your scene. To do this you should of at least used ten seconds or 10x30 frames, and let you camera move slowly across your scene, that way one could see the poses of your faeries and the objects in the scene, as well the lighting. From what can see, the lighting was pretty decent for the scene. Looks like one one light outside and another lighting the inside of the house. Could be wrong as can't really pinpoint anything.

If you want this animation to be a success, increase the time of animation, and maybe flap your fairies wings. if you wish to show the inside, then again increase you time and maybe add an aux camera and put it together in an 3rd party program.

This is the best can do with this animation. Do what suggested, send me the link and will redo the critique.
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Submitted on
December 23, 2012
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